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We use our cars every day to get from Point A to Point B, so car maintenance isn’t something to take lightly. With construction, road and weather hazards, irresponsible drivers, etc., you do not want to add poor car maintenance to the list of factors that could affect yours or your family’s safety. This is why you’ll want to take it to an auto repair shop without delay.


We offer all kinds of auto repairs, including collision work. Collision repair is not something you can afford to neglect, as even low-speed collisions can result in serious damage. The collision repair center may also offer welding services.


We also sell a number of used cars. These vehicles are great bargains for buyers who are on a budget. Those who are looking for something a bit heavier may want to check out the vehicles at our U-haul retail center.


Those who are looking for reliable auto repair in Mount Pleasant, MI can find it by contacting us at Little Town Auto Sales.

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  • Excellent Service
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